Friday, October 27, 2006

Fuck the Vancouver Sun; Boycott Vancouver Sun; Vancouver Sun Sucks!

An appeal sent by Hanna Kawas to the supporters of the Palestinian people to boycott the National Post and the Vancouver Sun for their biased reporting (see below), August 2001

Dear friends of the Palestinian people; The National Post published on July 30, 2001 an editorial under the title "Anti-racism, in name only". The Vancouver Sun on July 31, 2001 reprinted the same editorial as a "Guest Editorial" under the title "The West should shun conferences where the racism deck is stacked". On August 1, 2001, the Vancouver Sun published an opinion piece by Gerald M. Steinberg under the title "Canada shouldn't support condemnations of Israel". It is very clear the role the "National Post" plays across Canada as an apologist and a propagandist for Israel. It is also clear the role the Vancouver Sun plays regionally in support of Israeli atrocities against the Palestinian people. It is about time that we take a stand in support of the Palestinian people's struggle against Israeli occupation and racism. It is about time that we make these yellow rags pay for supporting Israeli war crimes, occupation and human rights violations. It is about time to start a boycott campaign against these two papers that are very clearly unbalanced and are violating journalistic ethics. Stop your subscriptions to the National Post and the Vancouver Sun. Stop advertising in both. Stop carrying them in your stores, work places, schools and your private businesses. Start an educational campaign in schools, universities, work places, community organizations and trade unions, to explain why we are boycotting these two papers and urge people to support us. Do not give these papers any legitimacy for their phony objectivity, until they change their biased editorial policy. Publicize this boycott with any available media and communication outlets.

Yours in struggle Hanna Kawas Host, Voice of Palestine. Chairperson, Canada Palestine Association. Vancouver, Canada


personal comment: Fuck David Asper!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Boycott The Vancouver Sun!

The Vancouver Sun is a paper published in British Columbia, Canada. Over the years, this paper has turned into a propagandist, racist, pro-US (only the government, not the people), pro-Israeli (only its government, not the people!), anti-Muslim, anti-Middle Eastern, and generally, anti-diversity tabloid.

In the last six months, I have read every letter and editorial in the Vancouver Sun and all I can say is that they intentionally publish any story that would paint a disfavorable picture of minorities and act as if that represents them all. On multiple occasions a single minority came to defense of the one portrayed, and subsequently two or three letters are posted that argue against the defender. After that, no letters from either side are published.

They do publish letters by minorities, and these fall into two categories: one is the uneducated minority who is not politically correct and says something inappropriate that the editors magnify as representing all people of that race. Or, he is Westernized and says something that fits with the paper's ideology.

Yet the middle 90%+ are never heard. Apparently if you are a Muslim, you should either glorify suicide bombers as brave freedom-fighters or call them vicious cowardly murderers! The majority who take the middle-ground and try to say something educated, won't get published.


Stop reading the Vancouver Sun, stop purchasing the Vancouver Sun...simply boycott the Vancouver Sun.

---------------------Below is a bunch of articles, etc, disorganized but readable. Make your own decision.

Info from wikipedia:

Since the 2000 acquisition of the major former Canadian newspaper holdings of Conrad Black's Hollinger International (now Sun-Times Media Group), including CanWest News Service, opposition has been expressed by some journalists, union spokespersons, politicians, and pundits about CanWest's enforcement of its corporate editorial positions. A 2001 decision to run regular uniform national editorials in all metropolitan dailies (except National Post), whereby local editorial boards could not take local positions on subjects of national editorials, ignited major national controversy and was subsequently withdrawn.
Conflict over CanWest editorial control and policy has focused in particular on three issues:
The Liberal Party of Canada. Since Israel Asper's leadership of the Manitoba Liberal Party, the Asper family has been identified with Liberal politics and politicians. In July 2001, Southam national affairs columnist Lawrence Martin, was fired after a column of his critical of Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chrétien was not published. Russell Mills, longtime publisher of The Ottawa Citizen, was fired in June 2002 after the newspaper called on Chrétien to resign. However, as of 2006, at least one Asper family member (David Asper) is now publicly supporting the Conservatives. ([1])
The government of Israel and conflict in the Middle East. Veteran Montreal Gazette reporter Bill Marsden has said that the Aspers "do not want any criticism of Israel. We do not run in our newspaper op-ed pieces that express criticism of Israel and what it is doing." [2] In 2004, the Reuters news agency protested after CanWest altered newswire stories about the Iraq war and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, such that Reuters felt it had inserted CanWest's own bias under Reuters bylines. The changes were apparently made in accordance with a CanWest policy to label certain groups as terrorists. [3]
CanWest editorial control and management itself. In December 2001, 77 staff at The Montreal Gazette signed a letter and launched a web page [4] opposing the national editorial policy, and the reporters among them participated in a byline strike, refusing to sign their names to their stories in the newspaper in protest. Management responded with a gag order. The next year, several journalists left The Halifax Daily News over similar conflicts, and ten journalists at The Regina Leader-Post were reprimanded or suspended after a byline strike to protest censorship of coverage of a speech in Regina by Toronto Star columnist and CanWest critic Haroon Siddiqui.

During the Hezbollah-Israel battle in 2006, not a single editorial spoke of Lebanese suffering, except in context of blaming Hezbollah. Every single editorical had an explicit pro-Israeli tone. There are many instances of biased reporting of Vancouver Sun, which is owned by a pro-Israeli.

More example's of Vancouver Sun biased reporting:

According to Rattan Mall, (, March 18, 2006) "This is the same paper where a columnist talked of "Post-racist Vancouver" and said making fun of the Indian accent was okay!"

Mota Singh Jheeta ( also noted Vancouver Sun's biased reporting of minority events. The paper focused on the chanting of slogans in a crowd of 80,000 Sikhs (Vaisakhi parade), instead of concentrating on the cultural significance of the event, or how not a single instance of rowdiness took place.

More from Rattan Mall (read another one of his articles here:

"In fact, both the Vancouver Sun and the Province - and I have worked in both those newspapers - have consistently highlighted NEGATIVE stories about Indo-Canadians and other ethnic minorities because that is the prevalent mentality there."

"Let me give you one example of what I experienced when I was with the Vancouver Sun where I led in the coverage of the Rafay family murders in 1994. I tracked down Atif Rafay and Sebastian Burns to Burns' dad's house in West Vancouver where they had fled to from Washington state after the grisly murder of Rafay's dad, mom and handicapped sister. I had a tape recorder on me as I spoke to Burns' dad who welcomed me because he mistook me for a relative of Rafay. But as soon as he found out I was a Vancouver Sun reporter (I clearly identified myself) he became hostile and asked me to leave. He became even more excited when he spotted our photographer clicking away from outside."

"When I returned to the Vancouver Sun office all excited about my scoop, I met with stern faces and my assignment editor told me that the bosses were highly upset with me and to drop the story because Burns' dad had phoned to complain that I identified myself as a Province reporter, which was misleading. That just didn't make sense to me. Why the hell should I identify myself as a Province reporter when it was more prestigious to be a Vancouver Sun reporter?"

"But the WHITE bosses would not believe a BROWN reporter because a WHITE man had complained about me! I was condemned as a LIAR and they were probably preparing my sack notice."

"The suddenly it dawned on me that my tape recorder had been on all this time and when I replayed it, I found myself clearly introducing myself as being from the Vancouver Sun. I took the tape to the assignment editor whose facial expressions underwent a sea change when he heard what had transpired. He took it to the white bosses but the white bosses were too proud to let me do the story."

"What sense did all this make?"

"Burns and Rafay were finally convicted for the horrible murders. This is the SAME WHITE MENTALITY that reigns in the Vancouver Sun even today - and it seems that it will never change."

"They seem to go out of the way to find NEGATIVE stories about non-white ethnic groups and a BROWN reporter is not good enough unless he sucks up to the white man."


"For two days last week, many reporters at The Gazette in Montreal removed their names from the articles they wrote. It was a protest against the decision by Southam News to force all of its 12 major metropolitan newspapers to run 'national editorials' written at the Winnipeg corporate headquarters of parent company CanWest Global Communications Corp. The first was published last week. Another is to run next Thursday. Credibility is the most precious asset a newspaper possesses. When the power of the press is abused, that credibility dies. We believe this is an attempt to centralize opinion to serve the corporate interests of CanWest. Far from offering additional content to Canadians, this will practically vacate the power of the editorial boards of Southam newspapers and thereby reduce the diversity of opinions and the breadth of debate that to date has been offered readers across Canada. CanWest's intention is initially to publish one national editorial a week in all major Southam newspapers. This will eventually become three a week. More important, each editorial will set the policy for that topic in such a way as to constrain the editorial boards of each newspaper to follow this policy. Essentially, CanWest will be imposing editorial policy on its papers on all issues of national significance. Without question, this decision will undermine the independence and diversity of each newspaper's editorial board and thereby give Canadians a greatly reduced variety of opinion, debate and editorial discussion. Editorial boards at each newspaper exist to debate public policy issues, reach a consensus and then present the reasoning to the public. They are designed to be largely free of corporate interests. This crucial process of journalistic debate is undermined by editorials dictated by corporate headquarters. We believe this centralizing process will weaken the credibility of every Southam paper. Last week's first editorial, for example, calls on the federal government to reduce and eventually to abolish capital-gains taxes for private foundations. Who would blame a reader for thinking the editorial simply serves the interests of the foundation run by the Asper family, owners of CanWest and Southam?"

another view from

Mobilization of efforts of journalists, growing of the protests against the Jewish expansion clearly shows, that it is ever more people realize: here - here there will come the era of the world Jewish totalitarism, an official political censorship will be imposed, and hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people will be thrown in prisons; if not to oppose by all mobilized forces of the society to the advancing reactions. Unfortunately, this understanding has come (it seems) too late.
Last week in Canada there was an event, which can mean a mark of the splitting of two epochs. Jewish newspaper magnates - father and son - Izzy and Leonard ASPERS (in peak to Canadian laws, constitution, and international laws and guaranteed to the voters by the deputies, elected by them, democratic freedom) - have established an internal censorship inside their media empire. Any of the numerous newspapers of this huge empire has no right (according to the internal order) to publish any editorial without Leonard or Izzy (Israel) Asper's approval. More correct, the censorship was established already for some time: almost immediately after family (clan) Asper have purchased a part of the newspaper empire from another odious Jewish newspaper magnate - Conrade BLACK. Sharing the newspaper "authority" in Canada between Black and Aspesrs (and other two - three newspaper publishers - Jews) well illustrates the total Jewish control over the press: the right radical Black and left "liberal" Asper actually both represent the Jewish Zionist elite, focused on "extreme extremism", and both are aggressive defenders of the Israeli regime. The whole conventionality of the Jewish "liberalism" evidently concentrates here. I used to work for a newspaper, which belonged to Conrad Black, and his style of cooperation with the editors and journalists was quite human, when his authoritarian way of thinking and aspiration to tyranny is shown in his attempts of the totalitarian ownership and economic control over the press. "Liberal" Leonard Asper, it appears, much "worse" then even Black himself. He behaves with the journalists and editors as a true tyrant.
When Conrad BLACK has moved almost all his papers to UK, Aspers' CanWest Global Communications (Zionist Jews just passionately love this word "global") became the only Canadian media empire. It "owns" more then 97% of Canadian readers, 14 big everyday newspapers, 180 small, and 18 special magazines, as well as TV, Internet sites and a telephone giant "Global". Izzi and Leonard ASPERS had announced new regulations for their newspapers and journalists:
1) no criticism of Jean Chretien
2) only a pro-Israeli position is permitted
3) another position then editorial is not permitted
4) all newspapers will publish the same "central" editorials, issued by Aspers's office
Now, we shall return to the event, which we have named as a "mark".
We speak about the dismissal of the main editor of newspaper "Ottawa Citizen" who has placed a critical essays about corruption of the Canadian PRIME MINISTER, Hon. Jean CHRETIEN. The last, being a personal friend of Asper family, managed not to be completely dependent from Jews for a long time. He "only" unconditionally has surrendered to Israelis basically in one question: in the question of admission of Russian and Arab refugees from Israel: betraying the applicants for the status (who were escaping from the "Jewish paradise") - and "giving back" the Ministry of Immigration for almost complete "possession" of the Israeli regime and the Jewish lobby in USA and Canada. He has betrayed his brothers - Christians (as the significant number of escapees from Israel were Christians running from persecutions), and has closed his eyes on lawlessness in the Ministry of Immigration. He has allowed, that the Jews-extremists should put their "own" Minister of Immigration (at first - a passionate and vicious Zionist-Gestapo women Lucienne ROBILLARD, and after her - a languid and compliant Jew from USA, Leonor KAPLAN): both have placed to this ministry hundreds of "their own" interpreters, immigration officers, refugee judges, etc. He has allowed that the Ministry of Immigration's office of medicine was used for political purposes (as was in USSR and in fascist Germany), and later "has given back " (it means - to the Jewish lobby) another ministerial post to Lucienne Robillar - the state's treasure, and has made her the most approached member from the ministers. It is necessary to understand - all this was done not "for free", that's why we live with Jean Chretien's the 3-rd cadence and have a "one-party" political system in Canada. The bitter reality is that his political rivals would sell themselves much faster and cheaper! The present service of Leonard Asper will put him in even larger dependence on the Jews.

Furthermore, Asper made it clear that he wanted to see nothing in his newspapers in any way critical of Israel. On the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation As It Happens program, Marsden said, “On issues such as on the Middle East, they don’t want to see criticism of Israel,” and that, “We do not run in our newspaper op-ed pieces that express criticism of Israel and what it is doing in the Middle East.”
Later in the broadcast, the hosts asked Asper’s national editorial writer, Murdoch Davis, if any of CanWest’s newspapers could print anything about Israel that Asper did not like, he replied, “No. It is clearly the intent that the newspapers will speak with one voice on certain issues of overarching national or international importance.”(13)
Of course, and that “one voice” has a distinctively Jewish tone. The one thing of overarching national and international importance is not to write anything even remotely critical of Israel! Such a policy, of course, is not in the interest of truth or the most basic principles of journalism. Such is not in the interest of the Canadian people who should have a right to know the whole truth and not simply the Jewish supremacist propaganda emitted by CanWest. Such is not in the interest of a truly free press. But, such media control and deception is in the interest of Jewish supremacism, for only through lies and deception can its evil survive.
Even though Asper’s directive became public, he has no intention of rescinding it. In fact, his son David has even sarcastically urged the protesting reporters (who are protected somewhat by union agreements) to resign.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Does God Exist?

Does God Exist?
To defenestrate buckets of hesitation out of trepidation (what of ramifications?), to live a life pedestrian, to park in the handicapped stall of the mind, contented....
To take a risk....
What does it mean to ask "Does God Exist"? What does it mean to feel the need to demand a response to a query beyond time and space, beyond words and feelings?
I say God exists but the proof is outside the boundaries of reason. It is akin to imbibing bluish pink, reading rice, masticating summertime's warm breeze, sniffing bliss, and eavesdropping on hope.
I say, state, declare, verbalize, utter, pronounce, express, voice, that God exists.
But what do words know, black ink on a paper, sounds in the air, what do they mean, how can they define the undefinable?
How do I understand, comprehend, grasp what it means for God to exist, when I am limited by senses belligerent to that which I can not feel?
It is a herculean task, a pianissimo then a crescendo leading into a fortissimo, and before the proof is reached, the music beyond the hearing range.
One must ask for evidence, proof, confirmation, facts and testimonies, but how and when?
Should I send mathematical signals into the vacuum, fling into the truculent space a purple piece of paper with RSVP on the back, mathematizing human curiosity and fragility into a natural logarithm?
Perhaps one must solicit God's signal on turbulent rapids, weeping and pleading, or maybe, on a bed of roses, alone but not lonely, high on a substance emancipating you from your flesh dead and diseased by worldly incapacitation.
Could a loathsome powder, a cure for health, lead you to a deity? If so, what do they share in common, visions of a pink giraffe, voice of sphinx, falsetto, and a tortured communist, tasty to the touch?
Yet I am nailed to the road, a path that forks into reason and unreason. I am bound and nailed by both reason and feelings, by strangulating words, by that which filters out my spirit into the paper, into nice and heated sentences, long and short.
This is my home and to rise above the ceiling in search of God, unknown. So I have no choice but to defenestrate those weed-like doubts, and stay inside in the comfort of logic and feelings, and think that this is me and nothing but me, knowing that I can only be as tall as these walls full of words and sentiments, witty and tangerine.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

some words I made up: shlorsh it down, shumplarsh, dubya it down, and webbed out

So I had some milk today and I was "shlorshing it down", when I dropped the carton, and there it went, "shumplarsh" all over the floor.

Shlorsh= to drink something noisily (sound of liquid going down)

shumplarsh=when you drop a liquid container, and the liquid goes all over the place (sound of liquid hitting the floor)

Dubya it down=means to simplify it into two classes, a black-and-white simplification.

example: I don't understand this political argument...just say who is right and who is evil...dubya it down!

webbed out= means getting overwhelmed and tired from internet browsing, etc.

I am totally webbed out after five hours on the web.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

What is today's significance?

So I awaken this morning, sky is bland, and the cold seeps through. I try to make this poetic but it is not. September 9, 2006, another day, no significance. No one was born, dead, that I know of, if that is what makes days significant. I look up September 9...oh yes, the beautiful Rachel Hunter was born on September 9. In Tajikistan, it is the Independence Day. Now today has some significance. Leave it to history to give meaning to that which has no meaning. It is some lowly dirt from Iran that becomes signifcant by associating with history, dirt that has seen it and felt it all. It is dirt no less but which has a role in a human narrative.

Friday, September 08, 2006

A serious question that I keep coming back to

What or who is the biggest killer of people?
This is a question that has posed itself to me, after every war, every tragedy, every time I get a paper cut. Wikipedia is a good source and I have looked up casualties of wars, the number of people who have died as a result of heart disease, cancer, homicide and suicide, etc. There is also poverty and mental illness. There are natural disasters like earthquakes, tornadoes, volcano eruptions and tsunamis. Then there are people whose policies have killed many, like Hitler, and also US politicians, but also dictators in the Middle East.What is the answer...I do not know. I will get to it after I figure out the meaning of life.
Ladies, Gentlemen...and others,

Welcome to my blog.

To think of it, I see no reason to add to the chaos and disinformation that is the internet, except a selfish need to express myself. I hope you do too, and share with me your thoughts and hopes, your dreams and reality, and your dirty dirty sexual secrets...well, it's up to you:)

So come on in, take off your shoes first, cause I spent a long time tidying this up. And behave. Most importanly have fun.